Dedicated Server in Australia

Now Get Your Dedicated Server in Australia with Full Secured Network. Serverwala Offers the Fully Upgraded and Next-Generation Bare Metal Solution. We Provide Australia Dedicated Servers Covering Locations like Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and etc.


Choose Your Cheap Dedicated Server in Australia

Enjoy Our Data Center Services With Exclusive and Intense Resources With Greater Flexibility in All Prime Locations.

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CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Region Price

Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3
4 Cores / 8T

16 GB

500 GB SSD or

5 TB @
1 Gbps Shared


1 Month



Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3
4 Cores / 8T

32 GB

500 GB SSD or

5 TB @
1 Gbps Shared


1 Month



Intel Xeon E5-2620v2
6 Cores / 12T

32 GB

500 GB SSD or

5 TB @
1 Gbps Shared


1 Month



2 x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2
20 Cores / 40T

32 GB

500 GB SSD or

5 TB @
1 Gbps Shared


1 Month



Key Features of Australia Dedicated Server

Hardware RAID

Our bare metal Australia Dedicated Servers support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 that you can buy if required at an additional cost.

Premium Bandwidth

Our Australia Based Dedicated Server comes with the fastest network, i.e., you can experience the 100 Mb/s to GBPS bandwidth.

Private VLAN Subnets

Our Best Dedicated Server Australia comes to help create private server clusters using the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

Robust Network

Our Data Centers network connectivity is combined among the multiple Internet Exchanges, including Extreme-IX - Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from industry-leading service providers.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Our bare metal Dedicated Server Australia includes one IPv4 and IPv6 address. You can buy more IPs at an add-on cost.

Service Level Agreement

We promise to provide you a 100% uptime guarantee to experience the highest levels of network uptime and increasing visitors ratio.

Who Should Choose a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in Australia?

High-traffic business websites

Constant Business growth results in traffic spikes on the websites; this leads to the outreach of the shared resources. Our Bare Metal Australian Dedicated Server provides you the potent power to smoothly run your website and handle the user traffic without interruptions, even if your site hits with high traffic.

Giant eCommerce portals

E-Commerce sites require web hosting, which ensures to offer the highest uptime, isn't it? Because they can't bear the loss that can happen due to downtime. It directly hits on their sales. Our Dedicated Server Australia resists high traffic to ensure your sales are continually rolling up.

Reselling hosting solutions

Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Australia is the one-stop solution to house your business needs. You can build up millions of regular customers and users to provide an end-user experience.

Companies serving high-profile clients

Host your site on our bare metal Australia Dedicated Server and get the chance to resell your web hosting resources intended to generate more revenue from your business. We offer 100% White Labelled Services.

Why Choose Serverwala Best Dedicated Servers in Australia?

You may find lots of web hosts providing dedicated servers. However, by investing in Serverwala dedicated servers, you will find the difference. With our dedicated hosting solutions, we ensure the ultimate control, security, and performance of your site.

Moreover, at a reasonable rate, our servers provide you with valuable tools to manage and protect the hosting account. What’s more, one-click installation and free website building solutions can easily attract you. You can load pages fast, and we provide you with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Manage Your Australia Based Dedicated Server With Plesk/cPanel

Choose the Plesk or cPanel to operate and manage your dedicated server activities with ease. Plesk's intuitive and web-based interface ensures you update with the latest server securities. Therefore, buy the Plesk license for Linux hosting to enjoy the cutting edge benefits for the long term. Handle and manage your server functionalities with ease using the cPanel that is considered the most popular and user-friendly control panel for the Windows Platform. Buy a cPanel license for Windows-based Dedicated Hosting to add websites, install OS-compatible software, and manage emails on your server in one click.

Get Pumped Up Dedicated Server at Your Desired Location in Australia

Managed Dedicated Server Adelaide with Secured Network -

Do you need Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions in Adelaide? Then, Serverwala has the best server for your web hosting needs. Our affordable servers help you with unbeatable performance. There is no need to pay a setup fee. It takes a few minutes to configure your Adelaide Dedicated Server.
Our servers are available with data center grade SSDs and many amounts of RAM. Moreover, our Adelaide Dedicated Server Hosting is compatible with any Operating System, and they are highly manageable to you. These servers also include an interconnected private network. To prevent malicious activities, they have DDoS Protection and other security capabilities.
We have the best customer care representative to solve your queries on the Dedicated Server in Adelaide, Australia. Our team ensures the high productivity of your business with the best server resources. Moreover, we will help you to go through a simple process to get the ultimate benefits from servers. Thus, consult with our team and gain the desired result from using the Dedicated Server Hosting Adelaide.

Adelaide Dedicated Server

Excellent Uptime with Dedicated Server Brisbane -

Are you looking for a reliable provider of Dedicated Servers in Brisbane? We have data centers across Australia, and thus, we can provide the best network connectivity. Our custom-built servers will serve you best. We ensure network redundancy and DDoS protection with the best quality servers. You do not need to pay a high amount to have our Dedicated Server in Brisbane. Make your digital presence stronger by availing of our servers in Australia.
Serverwala is the best destination from where you can buy your Dedicated Server Hosting in Brisbane. Our servers will let your website load fast. You know that the page loading issues can result in the loss of potential customers. Thus, to avoid this problem and maintain your website status, you may choose our Cheap Dedicated Server Brisbane.
We have designed our Brisbane, Australia data centers with high reliability and advanced technology. Moreover, regular maintenance, no-fee setups, and several other benefits are available with our dedicated servers. Thus, contact our team to buy our Brisbane Dedicated Server Hosting.

Brisbane Dedicated Server

How Dedicated Server is Beneficial in Melbourne? -

Get the best website hosting solutions from our Melbourne Dedicated Server. Available at the most reasonable rate, our servers ensure super-fast speeds, and thus, your website will perform best with our reliable servers in Melbourne. As we know your needs, we can identify the right solution. Our Melbourne Dedicated Server Hosting will refine your website’s page loading speed, and you will find a better page ranking. When you buy our servers, you will have a range of other options advantageous to host your website.
While placing an order for the server, you may choose the preferred OS. You will receive an admin license and manage your account from cPanel. We use the latest generation enterprise servers to give you the best storage solutions. When it is a standard, unmanaged sever, we will deal with management solutions that fit your needs. You will also obtain benefits from the new IPs. Thus, to get our Cheap Dedicated Server Melbourne, you may speak to our professionals.

Melbourne Dedicated Server

Get Free and Fast Setup for Dedicated Server Newcastle -

When you do not like to have the shared server, you will get value from the Newcastle Dedicated Server. Our dedicated servers are available in unmanaged, fully managed, and partially managed conditions. We have enterprise-standard Dedicated Server Hosting in Newcastle customized for your business. As you have chosen our servers, we will ensure high scalability and reliability.
Day-to-day server management is one of the time-consuming jobs. Moreover, you may need to employ an in-house team, and it will ultimately increase the overall cost. However, when you have chosen the managed Dedicated Server in Newcastle. We have a team of professionals taking care of your servers, Australia.
Managed firewalls, disaster recovery, redundant facility, and several other advantages are available with the server. We also help you to use high-end hardware and let you get the optimal benefits from Cheap Dedicated Server Newcastle from Serverwala. The shared server may be attractive to you, as its initial cost is low. However, your savings can affect your website performance and your visitors will leave the platform.

Newcastle Dedicated Server

With Dedicated Server Perth Improve Your Page Load Speed -

Perth Dedicated Server provides the best connectivity to the eastern parts of Australia. However, where do you get the best Dedicated Server in Perth? Serverwala is the most trustworthy server provider with multiple data centers. Our custom-built servers will be the perfect choice for business websites of any size.
You need to pay a low monthly fee to buy our Cheap Dedicated Server in Perth from Serverwala. Moreover, you will find 100% network uptime with our Dedicated Server Hosting in Perth. When your customers are from Perth. you can rely on our dedicated servers intended for this location. There will be no adverse effect on your website’s performance.
Thus, by housing a Perth Dedicated Server Hosting, you will have several benefits for the flawless connectivity and low-priced data costs. On your request, we will offer root access and OS reloads for your server. You will also get the option for choosing RAM, CPU, and HDD.

Perth Dedicated Server

Choose Your Dedicated Server in Sydney For Business Website -

We have the best selection of servers to let you create a virtualized environment. You can maintain the continuous performance of your website by using these servers. Our Sydney Dedicated Server ensures unmatched value and a 100% uptime guarantee. Our Dedicated Server Hosting in Sydney is configurable based on your scale storage, preference, and disk space. You will have the ultimate secure environment and the best processing performance.
Our Sydney Dedicated Server Hosting package also offers real-time monitoring solutions. Available with Windows operating systems, our cheap dedicated server in Sydney from Serverwala will fit best your needs. Moreover, you will have dedicated servers with both single and dual processors.
In most cases, our team takes 60 minutes for the server deployment. However, when it is a custom-designed server, we may need some more time. For any queries related to our Dedicated Server in Sydney, you may interact with our team.

Sydney Dedicated Server

Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Australian

Optimal Performance

A Dedicated Server provides you the robust hardware tools based on the latest technology to boost your website performance.

SSH Root Control

Our Dedicated Server is best thought out to give entire root access for making easy server configurations and customization.

Data Encryption

Encrypt your data with the firewall protection and highest data security measures, including DDoS protection with our Dedicated Server.

Value of Money

Maximize your website performance with minimal cost and experience end-user experience with world-class services with our Dedicated Server.

Secure Networking

Increase connectivity and connect your dedicated server internally with your private cloud server without being interrupted by external networks.

Additional Services

Get the additional benefits of services from easy billing merchants accounts to client management software with our dedicated server.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dedicated Server in Australia refers to a special server where only one client receives dedicated resources from the server. That client can control the machine to find optimal security and performance.

When your website needs a reliable web hosting solution and stronger security, you can choose this Best Australia Dedicated Server Hosting. To build a website for business purposes, you may invest in a dedicated server.

High administrative powers, better security, smooth performance, reliability, scalability, and reduced server equipment cost- these are the major reasons for buying dedicated servers.

The panel for server management will be different from the cPanel intended for hosting management.

There is no limit on the number of websites you can host on your Dedicated Server Australia. Make sure that you have a CMS/HTML site.

Yes, we will help you in upgrading the dedicated service. But you must check out your hard drives, RAM, and CPU.

With every server, you will receive 5 IP addresses.

You may use the Control Panel and SSH Client to access the panel.

We take the shortest time to make your Best Dedicated Server Hosting Australia ready for your use.

In some cases, you may need high processing power and disk space. Top Dedicated Server Australia is the best solution to it. With this server, you can control the DNS setup of your site.